True Roto

MTD is finally sitting on top of the standings but this is a very close race. The secret to The Red Pill’s success has been a balanced offense and very lean pitching staff. Despite Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez falling short of expectations, the overall performance of the staff has kept the team competitive in ERA and WHIP and left plenty of room for advancement in the counting stats. Rafael Furcal, Michael Bourn and Freddie Freeman have all been significant contributors to the cause, but the lack of free agent dollars may prove to be a crucial weakness. Mick has an itchy trigger finger and it’s cost him in years past.

Standings as of Monday, May 28th

Team Owner Points
The Red Pill mickthedude 97
The Urban Shockers jonmarkland 95
Where’s Carl? solarkg 92
Commander’s Palace cdel 82
I’m Bill James’ Bitch zneitzel 81
Chicken Fried jebron60 79

The Shockers have shot ahead of everyone with a lot of quality starts anchored by Gio Gonzalez, CJ Wilson and Roy Halladay. That might have been a smart move considering that Halladay and Wilson are having minor injuries that may cause them to miss some time. Many believe Gonzalez to be the best pitcher in the NL, so that was a huge bargain on draft day. In order to make a run at the title Jon might need to make a trade for a closer to pick up a few points in saves. But clearly this is still anyone’s game to win.

This has proven to be every bit as competitive as I imagined it would be when I invited some of my more experienced money players and a few fanatics from the espn message board. It is definitely a challenging format and one we will stick with for years. Here is a link to the Rules.

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