True Franchise

The Franchise league is an elaborate auction league with 8 keepers, FAAB and a minor league draft. It is entering its fourth year and has some very experienced and dedicated owners. The complete ruleset can be found here.

True Roto

Our Roto league is in its second year and will have a new auction each season. This is a 12 team 6×6 league with BB and QS added to the standard categories. There is a strict 162 GP limit on each position and a 162 GS soft cap for pitchers.

True Power

The Power league is entering its second year. It is a H2H points league with a focus on HR and QS. There is only 1 SP slot on the active roster. This makes managing your pitching staff a challenge and a priority. The complete ruleset can be found here.

True Weekly Roto

This is our newest offering in the True Diamonds suite of leagues. The goal is to provide a low maintenance alternative to our standard Roto. There are weekly lineup changes, a limited number of transactions and a no trade policy. This is a 10 team league with fairly large starting rosters and a snake draft.

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