Manning for MVDbag

Peyton’s current world tour spectacle has reached LeBron Jamesian proportions, and I don’t care for it.  He travels from city to city, dangles his junk in front of millions of  hopeful fans… and leaves.  He leaves prospective football teams hanging out to dry with their Plan B quarterbacks – AWKWARD!  And he leaves fans (one of my friends, yeah that’s right a friend of mine, she – I mean he was a really really big fan!) betrayed and bewildered at why Peyton possibly wouldn’t want to be HIS hometown hero!!! I’m speaking of Arizona, the A frickin’ Z.  What’s not to love about Larry Fitgerald, a kick-ass dome, and the last team to go to the Superbowl other than teams who don’t NEED a quarterback?

I’m afraid my friend is starting to see “His Can-do-nothing-wrong-ness” in a much different light.  Scorned by his hero, he revisits recent events and thinks, “Maybe Tracy Porter didn’t deliver the worst moment of my life,”  “Maybe Tom Brady isn’t the Anti-Christ,” and the thing of which we NEVER spoke: ” Maybe Eli IS better!”….  Oh Yes I Did!!

If Peyton would have just taken a couple of private meetings and settled his business succintly, it would have been consistent with his supposedly humble persona.  Unfortunately, his drawn-out, over-hyped post-cut rendevous makes me want to Bavre!

Suppose I’ll just switch teams – I’ve done it before:  from Jacob to Edward, Jolie to Aniston… now it’ll be Peyton to Colts – or Peyton to Brees or Peyton to Ray Lewis AKA “Procedure #5”

… what is that hell hath no fury like?