2013 True Diamonds Leagues Filled

We have filled the last of our leagues for 2013.  Many of our new owners were recruited from the ESPN boards and several long time players have joined one of our other leagues to experience a different format.  This year we added a Weekly Roto format to provide a low maintenance alternative to daily leagues.   We moved our Franchise league to CBS this year to take advantage of their minor league slots and advanced league management tools.  All other leagues are run on ESPN.  Here is the final list of leagues in the True Diamonds portfolio:

  • $80 True Diamonds H2H Points (auction, farm systems and keepers) 12 owners
  • $80 True Diamonds Roto (auction) 12 owners
  • $25 True Diamonds H2H Power (draft) 14 owners
  • $50 True Diamonds Weekly Roto (draft) 10 owners
  • True Diamonds Free Roto (draft) 12 owners

All leagues are full, most are in their second or third years.   I am taking reservations for a H2H Cats league for 2014, and that will be our final offering.

Felix and Cain Bring Pitching Back

Thanks to the 50+ happy owners who have made this venture so successful.   If you have contacted me about a league then I have added you to the list for 2014 already.  I will be posting fantasy articles on this site throughout the season.   We will also be publishing our owner rating system and owner profiles.

Good luck to everyone this season, and I will see you around the boards…

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