True Franchise Playoffs Preview

The final standings are set and the 2 week playoff periods begin Monday.  For the first time in league history commissioner Mick Ortwein did not make the playoffs, despite ranking 6th in scoring. The Head to Head format can be a cruel mistress. However, one owner’s bitter disappointment is another’s reward. One of the most successful teams this year is Mike Moretti’s BIGBOYS who just clinched their first American League pennant behind Miguel Cabrera, Bryce Harper and fantasy ace Johnny Cueto.

The other three representatives in the AL are Chris, Kevin and Hart. Kevin’s Time Travelers are going to sneak into second place and face Chris’ Springfield Homers in a matchup that will feature rookie sensation Mike Trout against the Travelers’ Ryan Braun. Chris would seem to have the advantage here with a more formidable lineup. Kevin’s team finished dead last in regular season points, suggesting that good fortune played a part in his second place finish.

The BIGBOYS will face Hart’s Dream Team that boasts a Yankee heavy lineup and Clayton Kershaw on the mound. It won’t be a cakewalk to beat the fourth place team, but Mike has been red hot the past few weeks and enters the playoffs riding a 9 game winning streak. Our prediction is the BIGBOYS versus the Homers for the right to play for the title. Chris has been the only representative from the American League for both True Diamonds World Series, despite losing twice to Robert. He has a chance to return for a third try.

Felix and Cain Bring Pitching Back

Craig has been here before. Winning the National League regular season title is a fine victory, but if he gets knocked out in the first round again this year it will be a hard pill to swallow. Felix Hernandez delivered the third no-hitter for the Binghamton Mets and joins Cain and Santana as part of Craig’s formidable staff. If Christa is going to pull off a miracle she’s going to need Halladay, Hanson and Josh Johnson to match the Mets start for start. Neither team has a particularly impressive offense, so the best performance between the two pitching staffs and choices on starts are going to be the difference. Will the Wesley Crushers crush?

It’s playoff time so that means Robert is ready to rock. Every time we count him out based on regular season statistics, he defies the odds and emerges from the NL to win the World Series. If he’s going to three-peat he’ll have to get by a very talented Storm County Thunder rotation. Mark has been leaning on Verlander and Weaver for the last couple of years, but it might be newcomer Chris Sale who pushes him over the top. This is the tightest matchup in the first round and could go down to the final Sunday.

All four teams are capable of getting hot for a month and advancing to the World Series, but Christa seems like the most obvious underdog since she hasn’t received dominating performances from any of her pricey pitchers and is losing the arms race. Much like in MLB, the National League is heavy on pitching and the AL is heavy on hitting. Craig is a slight favorite to unseat Robert, however it is shaping up to be a very competitive battle.

Trout For MVP

The fantasy regular season MVP votes are pretty easy to tally. It has to be Mike Trout. The guy is averaging 5.0 points a game, exceeding even Pujols’ lofty standard, which using falls in the mid-4s. His combination of speed and power produces the kind of stats our system rewards and he has shown no signs of slowing down. We could be witnessing the emergence of the best fantasy player of our generation and, at his price, Springfield’s cornerstone for years to come.

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