Two More Prize Leagues

Hi Sports Fans and True Diamonds Fanatics!  I hope you had a good off season. Stephen Strasburg did. He tops the list of comeback candidates for 2012.

Strasburg Leads Comeback Candidates
We are running three money leagues this year, the True Diamond Franchise, Power, and Roto Leagues. The rules are provided at the links below:

The Franchise league is in its third year and all 12 owners are returning. If you would like to get on a waiting list, then email and I will add you. This league is an elaborate auction league with 8 keepers, FAAB and minor league draft. If I get enough interest then I will run a second Franchise league next year. You must be insanely committed to be awarded a Franchise. These are very coveted properties.

The Power league is converting to a money league this year. I expect many returning owners, but there are still a few open spots. The premise here is that you have 9 generic batters and a single SP slot. The points are concentrated on homers and strikeouts. It was our most popular league last year.

The Roto league brings back the category fun that started Fantasy Baseball in the first place. It’s a 6×6 league with QS and BB added to the standard categories.  There is a strict 162 GP limit on each batter and 162 soft cap on GS.   We use CF, LF, RF and a deep bench. This league will have 12 to 14 teams. There is a fresh auction each year.

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